About Us

Who are we?

The student association sv Amoras is established by a group of students in February 2014. sv Amoras is a student association for all the students in engineering at the University of Applied Science in Arnhem. The bachelor educations programmes that are part of engineering are, Industrial Product Design, Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Engineering & Management, Electrical Engineering (Industrial Power Systems and Embedded Systems).

Our visons is to help, educate and facilitate the students of engineering. We accomplish this by organising (extracurricular) activities and facilitating facilities such as tutoring, aimed at the needs of the students from engineering.

Our goal is for sv Amoras to become an indispensable part of your education and personal growth. Therefore we organise activities that connect students from the different education programmes and to become a part of the ambiance off the school. In addition we bring business and education together by organising guest lectures and other engineering related activities with businesses.

Besides the goal we are making sure that students having there time of their lives by organising parties, events and study trips all around the world!


Do not hesitated and become a member and support our goal!

Are you interested in our association or do you have a question? Please contact us true info@svamoras.nl.