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Welcome to Sv Amoras

The study-association of Engineering

Welcome back!

The school year has started again. And above all, we can go back to the buildings. Good luck with the coming year!

Why join as a member?

As an Amoras member you will receive the monthly newsletter, you will receive up to 10% discount on textbooks, we will help you with tutoring, you will receive priority on the annual studytrip, discounst on parties and you can participate in masterclasses and lectures. We also have a wide range of internships and vacancies from our sponsors. Join only costs €5,- per year!

About Amoras

Sv Amoras is the study association for the whole of Automotive and Engineering at the Hogeschool van Arnhem and Nijmegen in Arnhem. The study association is for all students of the Engineering and Automotive Academy. This includes the following courses: Automotive, Electrical Engineering, Embedded Systems Engineering, Industrial Product Design, Industrial Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering.
We organize a large number of activities such as drinks, barbecues, parties, the introduction, company visits, lectures and masterclasses.

New board 2021-2022

The seventh government of Amoras is known! Consisting of: Sam Degens as chairman, Lucas Bolwidt as secretary and Jur Bennik as treasurer.