Our privacy policy

Deze privacyverklaring is van Stichting AMORAS en van toepassing op alle activiteiten waarbij Stichting AMORAS betrokken is. Doordat bij de activiteiten van Stichting AMORAS persoonsgegevens betrokken zijn, is Stichting AMORAS verantwoordelijk voor de correcte verwerking hiervan.

If you agree

By agreeing to the privacy statement of the AMORAS Foundation, you consent to the processing and storage of the necessary data when joining and / or attending activities organized by the AMORAS Foundation. To become a member and / or to attend the activities, it is a condition that you agree to this document. You can withdraw your consent at a later date or make use of: Your rights. You can state that you are withdrawing your consent by contacting us. (See: Contact Foundation AMORAS) At events, in the case of ticket sales or member, reference will be made to the privacy statement. When this process is complete (you have paid or are a member) you agree to the privacy statement.

What data / processed?

The data that is processed may differ per person, depending on which activities you give the AMORAS Foundation permission for. The list below is a complete picture of the data that may be processed and that applies to you.

The possible requested and processed data AMORAS Foundation:

For what purpose your data is collected and processed?

Register with the association

The possible requested personal data collected in sales / registration for an event serve for the following purposes:

The pictures are taken with the following goals:

The possible requested personal data collected log in bidding / assistance or participant in the introduction serve for the following purposes:

The possible requested personal information when registering as a participant in the study
must be collected for the following purposes:

When you sign up for the study will be asked for different
personal data. These personal data are important to book airline tickets if necessary. After the
study trip, these data will be destroyed as soon as possible.

As soon as you contact us from an institution, association, company or any other form of an organization, your personal data will be used for the following purposes:

Processing specific data

Wanneer u zich aanmeldt voor de introductieweek zal er gevraagd worden naar mogelijke allergieën en mogelijk andere bijzonderheden. Deze bijzondere persoonsgegevens zijn van belang om ervoor te zorgen dat de benodigde maatregelen genomen kunnen worden. Deze gegevens zullen alleen inzichtelijk zijn voor de introductiecommissie van Stichting AMORAS en zal bij noodzaak ook kunnen worden geraadpleegd door het bestuur van Stichting AMORAS. De introductiecommissie kan crewleden die in de periode van de introductieweek met u in aanraking komen ook hiervan op de hoogte stellen van deze bijzondere gegevens. Dit zal pas gebeuren nadat desbetreffend persoon een overeenkomst betreft omgansprotocol van Stichting AMORAS heeft ondertekent. De verwerking van de door ons verwerkte bijzondere gegevens (gezondheid) is gebaseerd op het recht om speciale begeleiding of bijzondere voorzieningen te kunnen treffen voor uw welzijn.

the retention

lead Database

The data requested when registering to become a member of the AMORAS Foundation will be kept for a period of 5 years. This period has been established with the possible duration of the study, which can normally be completed with 4 years, but a period of 1 year has been included in the decision for members who may be delayed. Due to the chosen period, we can always maintain an accurate member database.


- A retention period of 1 year is used for the data recorded for participating in an event. The retention period has been chosen in order to be able to produce good and clear statistics of which the data can no longer be traced back to the relevant persons. Within the AMORAS Foundation we strive to achieve this as quickly as possible.

business relationships

The data that is / will be obtained will be kept for 2 years after there has been no more contact between you and Stichting AMORAS. For the retention period for this data, the criteria used are therefore mentioned in Chapter: For what purpose your data is collected and processed?

If desired, you can invoke your rights. The AMORAS Foundation reserves the right to save / archive the correspondence that has been made in connection with this. be able to demonstrate legally what has been communicated in the event of a conflict.


The AMORAS Foundation will be allowed to continue to use photos that have been taken under the condition of the privacy statement. The right to continue to use the photos remains until you indicate that the photos in question where you appear should be modified / deleted. (See: Your rights)

used services

The AMORAS Foundation uses a number of services where the data is used / managed in part or in its entirety. The services used are:

In addition to the services used, it is possible that there is collaboration with another party for events. Only if it is really necessary will the necessary ones be shared. An example of this is that there is a security guard at the entrance who has to check whether someone has registered.

your rights

What rights do you have?

We collect several data about you that we like to keep up to date. You have the following rights with regard to your data:

How can you invoke these rights

If you want to use the above rights, please contact via the designated contact at: Contact Foundation AMORAS. Please state in the title of the email which right you wish to exercise. Please state your student number so that it can be verified that you are actually the person concerned. When you contact us regarding these rights, we will send you a response within 4 weeks.

Further explanation right to delete / forget right

Indien u gebruik maakt van het recht op verwijdering dient u aan te geven of en welke foto’s er van u online zijn gebruikt. Dit om te garanderen dat wij u onherkenbaar kunnen maken op de door u aangegeven foto’s of de juiste foto’s kunnen verwijderen.

Legal filing complaint

You have the right to file a complaint about the processing / handling of your data by Stichting AMORAS. For example, you may not consider us diligent enough or you may not be satisfied with the response after contacting us regarding your rights. You can then submit a complaint by contacting the personal data authority: http://www.autoriteitpersoonsgegevens.nl.
Changes to privacy statement As the AMORAS Foundation, we have the right to amend this privacy statement at any time. If this happens, you will be informed of this at the e-mail address known to us. If you do not agree, you can invoke the points indicated at: Your rights.

Contact Foundation AMORAS

If you have any questions regarding the way in which the AMORAS Foundation handles your personal data, you can contact us by email or you can see if someone is present in our room. (B2.12)

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