Automated bin lid removal and placement (robotics)

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Science Park Eindhoven 5501 5692 EM Son
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Throughout the factory lids are used to prevent pollution of parts inside bins. For
component picking by either a robot or human, these lids are currently placed and removed
by hand. For our goal of the lights-out-factory, this is a further step to achieve that goal.
Within this assignment we are looking for the conceptual (mechanical) design of this system.
Two different setups are currently requested, one where the lid is removed from the first bin
passing underneath and placing that lid back on a different bin passing underneath. The
other setup is where lids are removed on one side of a picking station and placing lids back
on bins on the other side, with a storage in-between.

Summary: gripper design, transport/storage design, sensor & actuator selection
Expected deliverables:

Study of possible solutions

  • Detailed design of selected solution
  • Prototype setup creation
  •  Qualification of proto

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Electrotechniek, Embedded systems

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