We are Voort. The secondment of the best technical specialists in the Netherlands.

We make progress by bringing people and companies together, working together for growth. That is our strength. With a collective of enthusiastic thinkers and go-getters, we help organizations move forward. That’s because of our way of thinking. We call that forward-thinking. That is thinking in terms of chances and possibilities. By looking beyond the standard paths. By asking the right questions. By wanting to know more, looking for the answers to tomorrow’s questions. We are the place for technical professionals who want to grow. Professionals with unconstrained energy, perseverance and enthusiasm. Here you will find the space to get the most out of yourself. Here you get the guidance that helps you to grow further. Discover which technical job makes your heart beat faster.

Talent program

Work or continue studying? At Voort you can do both in a talent program. You choose your own talent program and get the right job for you. With a lot of variety and good working conditions, so that you don’t have to worry about anything. With a talent program you will develop further in your field alongside your job. This way, you have the security of a job that takes you further, and you can entirely focus on your development. In addition to your talent program, you can also follow various training courses at the Voort Academy. Both on a technical and personal level. From a machine-building organization to the high-tech industry. We have an extensive network of all types of technology companies, which is in between. We want to help you make the right choice for your first internship or your first real job. Together, through a lot of sparring, we will find out which challenge suits you best.


In addition, we use our matching program Boest, which ensures that there is a clear overview of all your talents and ambitions. This gives you a good idea of ​​your strengths and how they best suit different functions within technology.

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